Introducing Silent Events Discglow Xecutive 10 Channel Headphones

As an event planner, you’ve surely faced the challenge of finding the right way to gather people and deliver a message. Whether you are planning a trade show or organizing a conference, the logistics can be a nightmare. Silent Events® Discglow™ Xecutive℠ 10 Channel Headphones are designed to let you take your group wherever, whenever, and deliver the message perfectly every time.

Benefits of the Discglow™ Xecutive℠ System

Each attendee will receive their own individual headset capable of broadcasting up to 10 different channels of content. They will be able to use the same headset as they move around the conference and into breakout sessions. This gives each attendee customized optimal sound quality and an opportunity for uninterrupted listening, amplifying the conference experience. The volume can be controlled on an individual basis giving everyone the best seat in the house for their needs!

Reduce the tradeshow noise

Trade shows can be invaluable when you are trying to reach an audience. But too often, the message you are trying to deliver gets lost in the noise of the convention. It can be frustrating to find yourself fighting to be heard with your neighbor and surrounding noise, making a silent convention very appealing! This also allows planners to utilize outdoor or public spaces without fear of noise violations.

Silent Events® Discglow™ Xecutive℠ 10 Channel Headphones help block out the noise. Your visitors can escape the buzz of the room and focus in on what you have to say. With 10 channels, you can record your presentation in multiple languages, allowing you to reach a more diverse, inclusive, and overall wider audience.



silent conference is a great way to bring your group together, but finding the right space can be a challenge. How do you find enough room and enough time to make sure the conference has value to everyone in attendance? Silent Events® Discglow™ Xecutive℠ 10 Channel Headphones allow you to have up to 10 breakout sessions in one room. When you are able to keep your group together, you increase the opportunity for engagement and networking. Want to deliver the same presentation (or message) to everyone but need to do it in different languages? Silent Events® Discglow™ Xecutive℠ 10 Channel Headphones are great for that too.

It’s time to try Silent Events

Planning an event can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be anymore! Discover how Silent Events® Discglow™ Xecutive℠ 10 Channel Headphones can Take Your Conference, Trade Show, or Party to the next level. Contact us today for a free estimate.