Our Products, Services, and Silent Experiences

Silent Event’s experiences are more than a silent disco! Rather than using a traditional speaker system, audio is broadcasted and picked up by our specially designed wireless multi-channel silent headphones worn by the attendees.

Our multi-listener technology can be used in a wide variety of experiences, which includes everything your event needs to host a silent event:

  • Up to 10 presentations or demos happening simultaneously within the same conference area
  • Ability to use public or outdoor spaces without disturbing others
  • A unique and fun late night, after-hours activity for attendees to interact in a more casual atmosphere
  • With adjustable volume controls on the conference headsets, users can customize their listening experience for maximum engagement

10 Channel Wireless Multi-Listener System

Our Discglow™ Xecutive℠ wireless multi-listener system features 10 separate channels, allowing for up to 10 different presenters or demonstrations happening concurrently, increasing the possibilities of your programming. Users can customize their listening experience via the multi-channel wireless silent headphones for maximum engagement. Book your silent disco rent equipment for your next conference, convention, tradeshow booth, breakout session, or corporate activity.


Our self-powered transmitting system with wireless device connectivity & hands-free microphone takes any mobile walking tour, fitness class, bar crawl, or tradeshow booth to the next level.


Turn any wired conference headset into a wireless listening experience with our Silent Receivers™

About Silent Events

At Silent Events®, we excel at more than just “silent disco” and “silent party” production. We utilize our Silent Discglow™ wireless multi-listener system technology in exciting and innovative settings for some of the most creative clients in the world.

From splitting large rooms into several breakouts with our Xecutive™ 10 channel silent disco headphone set for SalesForce, bridging cultural boundaries at multilingual activations for Coca-Cola®, to pushing the limits of fitness technology for Nike® Silent Fitness℠, we are the industry standard for how to utilize multi-channel wireless headphones for events. Please see below for ways our Silent Solutions can assist you with your planning.

Pitching a creative idea to a client? Hosting a conference or tradeshow? Needing a solution for a sound ordinance? Looking for fun church event ideas? Let us help you create a unique experience with our Silent Solutions silent disco rental equipment services.

Silent Listening Party Rentals
Silent Disco Comedy Show Rentals

 Corporate activities and breakouts are taken to a new level with Silent Events’ wireless conference headset technology. Our Discglow Xecutive℠ wireless multi-channel system allows for up to 10 Silent Sessions℠ or breakouts with presenters broadcasting at the same time, which gives attendees the ability to tune in to the lecture of their choosing. Our silent conference equipment eliminates the logistical stress associated with accommodating multiple seminar presenters within a venue, including the need for separate conference rooms, pipe and drape, or multiple sound systems. Silent Events transforms traditional corporate meetings into unique, memorable, and practical experiences for your clients and attendees via powerful silent headphones.

Have you rented a booth to demonstrate your product or service to convention attendees? Incorporate Silent Events’ audio solution wireless headphone technology into your presentation to ensure that attendees can hear your pitch without noise pollution from nearby booths. By using a hands-free microphone and our mobile transmitting system, you can ensure your Silent Breakout audience will be able to hear you clearly and focus solely on your product. Your potential customers will surely remember such a unique method of presentation.

The versatile nature of our silent headphones allows us to extend the silent experience to fitness classes in a way that allows participants to focus on their workout, without the distraction of noise from other classes or patrons. Due to the lightweight and wireless features of our headphones, participants are able to move effortlessly through the exercises, including yoga and spin classes. In addition, participants can easily control the volume level on their set of headphones. Because there is no amplified noise, fitness classes can be taught simultaneously within the same gym space. The headphones also allow for classes to be taught outdoors and at any hour, without disturbing others.

Our Silent Receivers work hand-in-hand with any wired headphone of your choosing, allowing you to create the activation that you envision. This technology is a great addition to promotional series that involve new product debuts. Potential customers can now try your wired headphones without being chained to a kiosk. Our receivers are equipped with LED lights that indicate which channel the listener is tuned in to – the same way that our Discglow headphones do.

Silent Events’ wireless headphones are the perfect tool to enhance walking and tour experiences. We offer specialized self-powered mobile transmitting systems, allowing tour guides to use our headphones and hands-free microphone on the go.  Guides no longer have to shout or walk backwards to be heard. Information is delivered directly to the listener’s headphones, with no distractions from outside noise. Our technology is also bar crawl and art crawl friendly!

Does your venue have a noise ordinance? Silent Events’ interactive wireless headphone technology is the perfect Silent Solution to add a unique and exciting flair to your wedding reception or after party. With the use of our Discglow three-channel silent headphones, your guests will be able to listen to simultaneous DJ sets or custom bride and groom created playlists on a phone or tablet – and pick their favorite one to dance to throughout the evening! Because our silent disco party headphones don’t rely on any loudspeakers or make noise, our technology ensures that you will not have to end your party early due to venue or local noise restrictions.

Silent Events is proud to introduce you to a unique movie viewing experience! With the use of our silent headphones, we provide the most convenient way to put together memorable outdoor movie screenings. Our technology eliminates any local or venue noise ordinance concerns while allowing for an enriched sound experience in an exciting and new high-tech setting. Additionally, our Discglow three-channel technology allows for multiple screenings in the same location, or for multilingual audiences to listen to the same movie in their respective languages – no more distracting subtitles!

Silent Events loves connecting musical artists to their fans with our Silent Concert technology. Whether it be through a recording session, VIP tour access or an album release listening party, wireless headphones rental allow fans to uniquely experience their favorite artist in real time without interruptions or distractions. Our services truly engage both the audience and the artist in a one-one-one, high quality silent listening session.

Take your performance to new heights with a Silent Concert powered by Silent Events. At a silent concert, we take a live feed from the band’s sound console and transmit it in real time to our wireless headphones, enabling each audience member to experience the same sound quality that the band hears with their in-ear monitors. In a music festival setting, where multiple artists are performing simultaneously, the use of Silent Events’ wireless headphones reduces the number of large-scale sound systems needed and eliminates sound interference from different sets. Additionally, our headphones allow concert attendees to control the volume of the performances that they are hearing. Our unique technology also works perfectly for backstage VIP guests, providing them with an intimate listening experience.

A silent party is a unique and youthful way to celebrate a milestone birthday. Our Discglow multi-channel technology lends itself to themed silent dance parties by allowing you to broadcast several custom playlists or multiple silent DJ sets simultaneously. This innovative technology offers the perfect way to shake up a traditional, coming-of-age celebration. Our team of professionals eases the challenge of event planning and creates a unique silent party suitable for any home, restaurant, or club venue.

Large international gatherings, such as sporting events and festivals, attract very diverse audiences and often leave a portion of the participants confronted with language barriers. Silent Events’ Discglow silent headphone technology offers the solution to this problem! Our three-channel headphones or ten-channel headphones allow venues to broadcast real-time commentary in many different languages, therefore providing a way for multicultural audiences to experience unity while enjoying the same activity. Additionally, our wireless headphones allow users to hear the announcements more clearly despite ambient chatter and cheering.

A silent disco party is a perfect activity for any cruise. You may have seen Silent Disco Parties on Celebrity Cruises, Princess Cruises and Holland America Line. With silent disco equipment and three-channel LED wireless headphones, passengers can enjoy different types of music in the same location at the same time, allowing people of all ages to come together to enjoy music and dancing. Our silent headphones are also the perfect way to ensure that your cruise’s most festive travelers can enjoy themselves well into the night without disturbing other passengers, who instead desire quiet time to relax.

What if you could change channels in real life stand-up shows as easily as you can with your television? It’s possible with the use of our Discglow three-channel, wireless headphones! Our unique technology enables multiple comedians to perform at the same place, at the same time, for the same audience. Participants have the freedom to choose whom to listen to, thus encouraging performers to compete for listeners and creating a unique comedy showdown! This type of experience will not only inspire crowd participation, but also motivates comedians to be as entertaining as possible.

Add another dimension to any visual demonstration by using our wireless headphones to sync a visual image or performance with music or dialogue! Silent Events’ led wireless headphones contribute a futuristic and inventive element to any artistic demonstration. Our Discglow three-channel technology grants you the chance to associate different sounds to your visual art pieces for an overall high-tech experience that is sure to spark the public’s excitement. Allow us to join you in your creative process to produce a meaningful statement piece!

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