Bring Silent Events® to Your Church or Youth Group

Fun Church Event IdeasSilent Church EventsSM is a unique way for your congregation to engage in a time of fellowship. Whether you are looking for fun ideas for church event to host a special night of worship, entertain youth groups at an all-night lock-in, or provide a fun outing for your college ministry. A silent disco powered by Silent Events® is a great new opportunity for your church function with our top quality wireless headphones for church functions!

What is Silent Church Events? It is an experience where people can dance to music via specialized wireless headphones for church functions, offering silent party ideas for church. Rather than using a traditional speaker system, programming is broadcast via transmitters to wireless headphones worn by your participants. With the ability to have three different types of pre-approved musical choices (that you have selected to fit your event vision or theme), there will be something for everyone, bringing your congregation closer together! Aside from playing music through the wireless headphones you can also use our patented technology with live motivational speakers. You can have up to three different messages, each for a specific group within your church (kids, youth, adults, etc.) at the same time, sharing the same space! The fun silent party ideas for church are endless with Silent Church EventsSM!


Youth Retreats and Lock-Ins

Looking for an exciting new activity for your next youth retreat or lock-in? Listening to three pre-approved musical playlists via wireless headphones will provide hours of fun entertainment for your next youth gathering.

Engaging Worship Experiences

Silent Events offers a great new way for your congregation to engage in worship! Unite your church family together by having both a contemporary and traditional worship experience at the same time!

Fellowship For All Ages

Bring Silent Church Events to your next church fellowship! This activity with music and dancing is appealing and fun for all-ages!

College and Young Professionals Activities

Bringing Silent Events to your next young adult gathering will not only provide a safe, friendly and alcohol-free environment, but is also a new and exciting experience for these groups!

Rent Wireless Headphones for Your Church Events

Silent Events® is proud to be family owned and operated. As America’s Original Silent Disco CompanySM we have been serving churches, schools, small businesses, and nonprofits in the United States for over 15 years with unmatched silent disco equipment rental services! Our college platform, The University of Silent Disco®, was founded by Silent Events with a mission of bringing silent discos to campuses across the country and providing a safe, friendly and alcohol free environment.

Silent Events offers a variety of packages and fun silent party ideas for church to meet your activity’s needs. We have provided wireless headphones to churches of all sizes and are able to offer packages to fit every budget and event type. For smaller gatherings we offer packages where we ship to you all the necessary elements for a successful event such as: headphones, transmitting equipment and cabling to plug in your own DJ, iPod or computer. Every headphone is sanitized and comes fully charged. In addition to sending you instructions, a Sound Technician is assigned to your account and is on-call before, during and after your event to ensure a successful event!

Wireless Headphones for Church

Silent Events is also proud to offer the Silent Church PartySM package which can include: professional DJ services with church appropriate music, state of the art Lighting Packages, Sound Technicians and Distribution Specialists for those who are looking for the full experience. The Sound Technician will install the transmitting equipment, run cabling and integrate your equipment into the multi-listener system. During the event the Sound Technician will mix the sound live, creating the highest quality sound possible through the wireless headphones for your church function. The Distribution Specialist will assist in setting-up and running the headphone distribution area. It’s there your guests will be greeted, fit for headphones and shown how to use the equipment. Having Silent Events’ crew on site guarantees that the event will run smoothly, from the lighting to the music flowing through the wireless headphones for at your church, allowing you and your members to enjoy the event to its fullest. We are here to help take your fun church event ideas to the next level!

Our mission is to offer an exhilarating, contemporary experience allowing churches to be creative and engage their church body in a time of enjoyable fellowship. We look forward to hearing your vision and helping you see it unfold with our advanced wireless headphone technology for church functions! Start by clicking the Get an Estimate button below to receive a customized estimate for your next Silent Church EventSM !

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