Silent Convention Headphone Rental

Think back to the last time you attended a trade show or convention. Did you enjoy your experience? How much were you able to retain after you attempted to filter out all the outside noise. If you were a vendor, did you connect with your guests as effectively as you wanted? Conventions and trade shows are great, but with multiple vendors and presentations sharing the same space, it can make it a battle to actually be heard. Silent Conventions℠ and Silent Trade Shows℠ are anything but silent. Our Discglow™ Xecutive℠ Silent Convention℠ headphone for rental allow your voice to be heard above the noise , straight to the audience’s ears.

Silent Convention HeadphonesSilent Events make you a good neighbor

At a traditional trade show or convention, you’d have to edit your message to fit within the confines of your booth and compete with your surroundings. This means keeping the volume down and staying in your space. If your message is a little too loud, you’re likely to get the side-eye from your neighbor. Many venue noise ordinances don’t even allow the use of speakers to broadcast your message.

…Until now! With Silent Trade Shows, you have the freedom to be as loud as you want while still being a quiet, friendly neighbor. Your visitors each get their own headset to listen to your message at full volume. Silent Events’ silent convention headphone rental allows you to truly show off and say what you want to say without interruption.

Reduce the noise pollution at your next event

Even if everyone is trying to be considerate and get their messages across without disrupting their neighbor, there’s still going to be noise pollution all around you. Between vendors, guests and any other noise that pops up, it can be hard for visitors to your booth to hear you. When you use our Discglow™ Xecutive℠ 10 Channel Headphones, your guests can turn off the outside world. They can focus solely on your message, creating a more immersive and customized user experience. Just imagine the difference silent convention headphone rental can make if your guests are able to actually hear and engage with what you have to say!

Share multiple messages at the same time

The great thing about humans is that no one is the same. We all have diverse likes, wants, and needs. At a convention or trade show, you are likely to have guests of different ages, audience types, and guests who speak different languages. Most of the time, when you create a message, you have to do so hoping that everyone will find something of value in your one message. With our Discglow™ Xecutive℠ 10 Channel Headphones, you can broadcast up to 10 different messages at the same time. This silent convention headphone rental allows you to cater to different demographics, audience types, and languages.

Experience the difference

Take your trade show to the next level. Don’t fight for your space, own it! To learn more about how our Discglow™ Xecutive℠ 10 Channel Headphones can change your next trade show or convention, contact us today.