Silent Conference Headphone Rental

Over a decade ago, Silent Events® brought the silent disco to the United States. Today, our company has grown to change the way companies and individuals do business. Our Discglow™ Xecutive℠ wireless 10 channel headphone technology, allowing for up to 10 Silent Sessions℠, has made it easier for individuals to come together to learn, engage, and have fun. A silent conference headphone powered breakout session can enhance your conference experience, reduce space requirements, and bring attendees together in a way that has never been seen before.
Silent Conference Headphones Rental

What is a Silent Conference?

A conference can be a great way to engage your audience and give them a valuable learning experience. But planning (or executing/managing) a conference can be a logistical nightmare. How do you find enough time to say everything you want to say? What if you want to reach different groups of people who want to learn different things? And one of the biggest challenges that companies face: “How can you afford a space that has enough room to allow for multiple speakers across multiple days?”

Look no further than Silent Events! We know the many challenges that come with planning a conference. Imagine if you could bring a group of people together in one room and deliver 10 different presentations, all at the same time. This dream becomes reality with silent conference headphones. Each attendee receives a headset to tune into the channel that is most relevant to them.

The Advantage of a Silent Conference System

Not sure if a silent conference system is right for you? Let’s go over some of the advantages. At a typical conference, you likely have multiple presentations going on in different rooms, all at the same time. This means two things: Number one) you need a big enough space to host multiple speakers and, Number two) your group has to split up – not exactly great team building. With up to 10 channels on each receiver, you can “host” up to 10 different speakers in the same space thanks to our Discglow™ Xecutive℠ silent conference headphones. By broadcasting live or using pre-recorded presentations, your guests will be able to listen to whatever speaker they want by tuning into that channel on their headset. If you’re ready to learn more about the advantages of a silent conference system, contact Silent Events for a free estimate today.