What is a Silent Disco?

A silent disco in an activity where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Rather than using a traditional speaker system, music is broadcast via a transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphones worn by the participants. Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a room full of people dancing without music.

Silent Disco Party producer, Silent Events® is more than just a wireless headphone rental company. Silent Events will provide you with full-scale production. From certified sound engineers, silent DJs, and headphone distribution specialists to lighting, sound consoles and wireless microphones, Silent Events delivers silent disco equipment rental and more!

American owned and operated, Silent Events is the company that first brought the silent disco experience to the United States. Silent Events has been setting the standard for silent discos in America for over 15 years. With over seven hundred shows produced annually, we truly are America’s first, largest, and most experienced silent disco provider℠.

Sometimes sending a box of headphones and wishing you good luck is just not enough. Rather than just sending you a box of headphones, we feel that it really pays to have a trained sound engineer on site to install the transmitters, ensure all silent disco equipment is working properly, and resolve any transmitter interference issues. Our crew will mix the sound and microphone mixes live, work with the silent DJ’s inputs/outputs, run cabling, and help manage the silent party with you. It’s also important to have headphone distribution specialists to greet your guests, fit them with headphones, demonstrate how to operate the wireless headphones, and service and sanitize the headphones between uses. After your show, Silent Events’ experienced crew members will pack and load out the headphones and silent disco party equipment you have rented. Having the Silent Events team on site ensures your show will run smoothly, allowing you and your guests to enjoy the headphone disco party to its fullest.

Whether you need silent disco equipment rental for a festival, private party, college welcome weekend, or wireless headphones for church events, Silent Events is the provider you can trust!

Silent DiscGlow™ Multi-Listener Systems

Silent Events has held a United States patent covering wireless multi-listener headphone systems including light emission changes dependent on selected transmission channels.

The outward displays of luminescent color from the headphones themselves provide a unique visual view to other listeners or other spectators of the venue, creating a new experience in the wireless multi-listener arena. Such a system allows for each listener to select different channels for different transmission sources and the colored lights indicate the channels listeners have chosen.

Silent DiscGlow Multi-Listener Systems by Silent Events

University of Silent Disco®

Silent Events is the exclusive Silent Disco Equipment Rental and Party provider for universities and colleges across America. What does a Silent Disco look like for your campus? Silent Events founded the University of Silent Disco® (USD) to specialize in producing on-campus silent discos parties. Whether you are planning a residence hall mixer, Homecoming dance, fundraisers, Welcome Week orientation parties, study breaks, or student organization recruitment gatherings, we have your silent disco equipment rental needs covered!

Silent Events is a fully-insured production and a silent disco equipment rental company and has a multitude of experience working with universities, students, and administrators. We have introduced what a silent disco is and produced silent disco parties on amazing college campuses such as USC, Vanderbilt University, LSU, University of Miami, UCLA, University of Florida, North Carolina State, University of Houston, Cornell University, and TCU.

University of Silent Disco

Places We’ve Been

Throughout our journey of over 15 years serving as the silent disco equipment rental company and American innovators what a silent disco is, we have produced shows in the most amazing locations across America. These locations include the unique spaces of the beaches of Hawaii, Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, rooftops in New York City, the Denver Zoo, JFK airport, Miami’s South Beach, a Trans-Atlantic DJ Battle between Chicago and Berlin, ice skating rinks in Tahoe, Churchill Downs and the VIP backstage area of a live rock show. We even produced a USA Network television premiere party for the show “Necessary Roughness” in the middle of Times Square. Think of the power and range our transmitters had to have to broadcast in Times Square!

The Company Brands and Artists Trust

Silent Events has been called upon by some of the biggest names in both the corporate and entertainment worlds to rent silent disco equipment, to produce and introduce what silent discos are, quiet parties, silent raves℠, silent breakouts, and more. We are proud to have partnered with Coca-Cola, Beats Audio, Nike, Red Bull, Visa, Live Nation, Budweiser, Philips, Vitamin Water, Jack Daniels, Heineken, Tostito’s, PowerAde, NBC, Groupon, Nationwide Insurance, Delta Airlines, and Marriott. Head over to our Partners page for a roster of clients we’ve worked with.

When the Warner Bros.® props department needed sleek, glowing headphones for silent disco scenes in an episode of Lethal Weapon, we got the call. When DJ Jazzy Jeff wanted to film and perform a silent disco, we were the silent disco equipment provider he trusted! When Passion Pit and Mark Foster of Foster the People wanted to do a rarely seen DJ set, we were the silent disco equipment rental company they used! When John Popper from Blues Traveler and DJ Logic wanted to do a silent concert, we were there! Other well-known DJs, we’ve worked with include: Tone Loc, DJ Kool, Nick Cannon, Cash Cash, Samantha Ronson, Gramatik, Wick-it the Instigator, Robert DeLong, Jared Dietch, Quickie Mart, DJ Equal, Jonathan Toubin, Classixx, Orion, and Le Chev.

The Gear Behind Silent Events

Silent Events’ customized state of the art, wireless 3-channel, 4-channel and 10-channel headphones and in-house custom-made transmitting systems are what set us apart. Silent Events’ equipment renting for silent disco is extremely durable, has long-range reception, and produces crystal clear sound. Our transmitters have been designed to be the very best in the industry. We are pleased to offer our Silent Discglow™ Light Up Headphones. These headphones glow a certain color depending on what channel you’re listening to, making the crowd a part of the light show! They are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing headphones! All of our silent party headphones contain three separate channels, giving participants the option of choosing between three DJs or device playlists playing simultaneously. This ability to provide silent disco equipment for rent and various types of music can greatly increase the demographic and success of your silent dance party.

Since we were the very first company in America to use this technology and introduce what a silent disco is, we’ve taken the time to make our equipment look, feel, and sound the very best.

The Man Behind Silent Events

Ryan Dowd, creator and owner of Silent Events, Inc., was the first person in America to introduce what a silent disco is and bring this wireless technology to America and has been working in the music industry for over two decades. He has worked professionally in the fields of audio engineering, lighting design, artist management, and event production. The experience he gained working for acts like Widespread Panic, American Idol winner Taylor Hicks, the Black Crowes, Drive-By Truckers, North Mississippi All-Stars, and agencies such as APA, Madison House, PGA, and Red-Light Management has been instrumental in shaping the superior production behind Silent Events. Dowd takes a lot of pride in his hands-on approach and always strives to provide his clients with the highest quality silent disco equipment rental and production possible. This is what sets Silent Events apart from other companies.

Since the conception of Silent Events, we have been bringing the silent revolution to the people. Locations and uses of our technology are hindered only by your creativity. Choose Silent Events and let us help you build your party from the ground up. Make your next silent disco party truly memorable with Silent Events, Inc.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Silent Disco Provider

  • Do they offer staff? DJs? Lights and trussing?
  • Are they fully insured?
  • How do they deal with transmitter interference issues?
  • What sound and lighting production experience do they have?
  • Do they make any of their own gear?
  • How do they amplify the sound to the headphones?

Silent Events®