Silent Events helps Atlanta rapper create unique album release event

Atlanta rapper and record producer B.o.B. did something a little different to celebrate the release of his new album ETHER. On May 11, the artist hosted a silent interactive listening experience with help from Silent Events’ SILENT DISCGLOW™ Multi-Listener Headphones at Atlanta’s Studio No. 7.

During the event, attendees, including fans and music industry representatives, were treated to a preview of the entire album through our wireless headphones. The music was complemented by B.o.B.’s personal commentary on the album and an introduction to each track. B.o.B. also projected visuals onto one of the venue’s wall to augment the sensory experience.

ETHER is B.o.B.’s first independent release, and it features notable hip-hop stars such as Cee Lo, Lil Wayne, and Usher. The album is currently available on streaming services and may be purchased in the iTunes store.

B.o.B. Album Release with Silent Events