Silent disco popularity continues to spread

By: Silent Events

Published: Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Though the concept of a silent dance party at which the music is transmitted to wireless headphones worn by partygoers – more affectionately known as a silent disco – is not new, it has certainly picked up steam and garnered more attention in the United States since first appearing in America at Bonnaroo in 2005. As the first American silent disco company, Silent Events has been bringing the silent disco revolution all across the country.

As with the silent disco scene in Western Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom, the idea of silent discos in American took off on the festival scene around the country, beginning with that first event at Bonnaroo. In the past year alone, music festivals such as the Vans Warped Tour, Bear Creek, Bamboozle, and The Great Googa Mooga employed the services of Silent Events to produce silent discos – and, in Bear Creek’s case, even a silent concert – for their crowds.

Silent discos and other Silent Events aren’t being restricted to music festivals and clubs, though. Locations for these events are largely restricted only by creativity. As reported recently in both print and video by The Wall Street Journal, the London Zoo has been throwing silent discos over the last three years as fundraisers and as a draw for more adult visitors. Silent Events was the first company in America to produce a silent disco at a zoo. The event, which was held at the Denver Zoo, was a great sucess! Unique locations are part of the fun! Silent Events recently produced a silent disco for Gawker Media inside the New York Public Library and has twice produced a Halloween silent disco for jetBlue in the T5 Terminal at JFK Airport in New York City.

Popular culture at-large has picked up on the silent disco concept as well. The 2011 British film “Tonight You’re Mine” includes features a scene with its primary characters wearing headphones from a silent disco.

And with the June release of Little Boots’ latest single “Headphones,” don’t be surprised to find that the silent disco may have found its new anthem for the foreseeable future.

If you have not yet encountered a silent disco or other silent party, it’s not absurd to assume that you may do so soon. Whether it be at a music festival, a dramatic performance, or a welcome week celebration at your college or university, don’t be alarmed or disturbed if you come upon a group of people dancing and singing to seemingly no music. Instead, find an unoccupied set of headphones, put them on, and join the fun. You’ll be surprised at just how much you will enjoy it!

UPDATE: Ypulse featured the silent disco concept and gave Silent Events a shout out in its “Things You Should Know” article posted on June 19, 2013.