DJ overcomes hearing loss to provide beats

You would be forgiven if you were at a club and never gave one thought to whether the DJ could hear the fruits of his labor. After all, in order to be a DJ you have to hear what you are creating. Right?

As Robbie Wilde has shown, not necessarily. Since the age of 7, he has been completely deaf in his right ear and had only 20% of his hearing in his left ear.

Wilde was introduced to turntables while in high school and has since pursued his passion despite hearing deficiencies. Eventually, he teamed up with Dubspot, a New York City school “for electronic music production, DJing, and performance”, to learn more about the art and hone the skills necessary for someone with his condition to overcome the associated challenges and succeed behind the tables.

Now Wilde is on the verge of releasing a new EP in addition to touring. Visit his website to sample his music.

Wilde’s inspiring story has been told by the likes of CNN and was featured in a commercial for previous Silent Events client HP (watch below).


By: Silent Events

Published: Tuesday, October 8, 2013