Amberland Review

By: David Shehi for

Published: May 2009

Review excerpts:

•  Friday: Silent Headphone Event Debut of New Album

“Following Guest’s sets, headphones were distributed to the crowd at about 1:30 a.m. and PGroove guitarist-vocalist Brock Butler made his first official Amberland 2009 appearance alongside Hruby to introduce the band’s yet-untitled forthcoming album. From the stage, Butler proclaimed his pride in the album and commented that it represents the “closest album yet to match the music that he hears in his head.” Following his introduction, Butler put on a pair of headphones and humbly stepped down from the stage. He took a spot in the audience with his bandmates – drummer Albert Suttle, bassist Adam Perry and keyboardist John Hruby – to observe the audience’s initial response to the recording. The experience was amazing. Taking my headphones off briefly, I was greeted by the a cappella sounds of the intensely pleased and committed crowd singing along to every lyric as they feverishly danced to what (without headphones) was a non-existent sound.”

•  “However, the night was not over. After a couple of equipment moves, the band again took the stage in the second tent, where they proved once again that they are a band who loves to experiment with the new as they did a late night silent headphone jam where again the crowd danced and grooved into the wee hours of the morning in trance and glowing rhythm.”