A Different Kind of Silent Disco

While most people who have heard of “silent disco” may associate the term with clubs, parties, or music festivals, Silent Events has challenged that association by pushing the more conventional boundaries for silent disco settings.

The latest example of this comes in silent discos held in libraries throughout Baltimore in November 2019. As part of the the Baltimore Book Festival and Light City 2019, the Hearing and Speech Agency of Metropolitan Baltimore, Inc. (HASA) used SILENT DISCGLOWTM headphones from Silent Events to provide a silent disco experience for people with sensory challenges.

Silent disco is a truly social concept regardless of setting or audience, and everyone should have access to the experience. Silent Events is proud to have teamed with an organization such as HASA to provide this experience for an audience who may not otherwise have an opportunity to do so in an accommodating environment.

View some of the sights from HASA’s silent discos on its Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/hasa.usa/.